Hotsy Equipment Company – Columbus, OH Branch

Please visit our Columbus, OH branch, also serving Springfield, Chillicothe, Newark, Lancaster, Delaware and Mt. Vernon.

We are open weekdays from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.

670 Harrison Drive
Columbus, OH 43204

Toll Free: (800) 686-1112
Local Phone: (614) 274-6879
Fax: (614) 279-6667


*This branch offers Hotsy, Landa and Karcher pressure washer brands.


The Hotsy Equipment Company is known for providing customers with a variety of hot and cold pressure washers, to tackle even the toughest cleaning jobs in Columbus. Hotsy's pressure washers in Columbus are the best choice when it comes to removing stubborn grease or dirt stains. With a Hotsy pressure washer, you will always have the right tool on hand to attack major and minor industrial cleaning jobs. Purchasing a Hotsy pressure washer in Columbus is a great long-term investment in the cleanliness of your business.

Cold Pressure Washers

If you have a build-up of dirt and dust, a cold pressure washer is great tool. The cost of a cold water pressure washer is less up-front, and they also require less maintenance over time, making them a great solution for many businesses. The Hotsy Pacific Company of Columbus offers cold power washers that can be powered by either electric or gas engines. If you would like a quieter and more energy-efficient option, an electric cold water pressure washer is a great choice. If your needs require a portable power washer, you will want to opt for a gas engine.

Hot Pressure Washers

The best way to eliminate oil and grease stains during industrial cleaning is to use the power of a Hotsy hot pressure washer. These powerful washers are a valuable tool for business in the manufacturing or transportation industry here in Columbus. Just as with cold power washers, Hotsy’s hot power washers come in either an electric or gas engine, depending on the sanitation needs of your business.

The best part about choosing a hot or cold Hotsy pressure washer in Columbus, is knowing that each machine comes with a 7-year warranty. To learn more about how our power washers or other cleaning equipment in Columbus can benefit your business, contact us today.