Hotsy Equipment Company – Charlotte/Denver, NC Branch

Please visit our Charlotte / Denver, NC branch, also serving Greensboro, Raleigh, Asheville, Winston-Salem and Greenville, SC.

We are open weekdays from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Highway 16 – 887 North
Denver, NC 28037

Toll Free: (800) 222-9749
Local Phone: (704) 483-5990
Fax: (704) 483-9100


*This branch offers Hotsy pressure washers exclusively.


If you need a durable, reliable pressure washer in the Charlotte area for challenging industrial cleaning projects, The Hotsy Equipment Company can provide hot or cold washers to meet your specific requirements.  A Hotsy Equipment Company pressure washer in Charlotte is engineered to provide years of service to remove heavy grease build-ups with hot water, or to tackle lighter jobs with our efficient cold-water pressure washers.

Hot Pressure Washers

For difficult oil and grease stains, a Hotsy Equipment Company gas or electric hot water pressure washer is the tool of choice for your Charlotte area business.  If portability is important, select a gas-powered model.  Electric pressure washers are more efficient than gas models, and are much quieter so are a better choice when keeping noise to a minimum is critical. Either of these Charlotte cleaning equipment systems will tackle your toughest manufacturing, food service, or transportation pressure washing needs.

Cold Pressure Washers

For applications where grease and oil are not present, our Charlotte area cold water pressure washers are more economical than gas-powered washers, both in terms of up-front and operating costs.  Also available in gas or electric, the electric version is twice as efficient as gas, while the gas model is portable so can be used for less accessible locations.  To clean your equipment, or to make your sidewalks sparkle, choose a Hotsy Equipment Company cold-water pressure washer in the Charlotte area.

With an industry leading 7-year warranty, The Hotsy Equipment Company Hot or Cold Pressure washers will help keep your facility clean and safe for many years. Please contact us today for more information on the best pressure washers in Charlotte.