Complete Wash Bay Systems 

Hotsy Equipment Company installs and services wash bay systems for industrial and commercial vehicle washing. Our wash bays can clean a fleet of vehicles, large trucks or heavy equipment. A wash bay system consists of a stationary pressure washer located near the washing area or in a nearby mechanical room, connected to the washing area through a series of high pressure hoses. The operator turns the pressure washer on and off through a remote control mounted in the washing area. Additional options such as hose reels, lance holders, curtains and ceiling booms for your wash bay can be installed across Ohio, North Carolina, West Virginia or Kentucky, depending on your needs.

The pressure washer can be piped into the building’s existing water, electric and fuel options. Bulk size detergents can also be stored near the pressure washer and added via the remote control to speed the industrial and commercial vehicle washing process.

Meet with our sales team to design your wash bay system 
Wash bay systems in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and North Carolina can be completely customized to meet your needs. Multiple pressure washers can also be installed for larger cleaning needs, allowing many individuals the ability to clean at the same time. You can also prevent grease, oil and other contaminants from entering the environment by capturing the industrial and commercial vehicle washing water runoff and recycling it with one of our water treatment systems. To learn more, meet with a member of our sales team in one of our operating cities like Cherleston or Columbus to design your wash bay system. We install systems throughout Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and North Carolina.