Pressure Washers designed for Industrial and Commercial Use.

Hotsy Equipment Co. supplies pressure washers and power washers to professionals across Ohio, North Carolina, West Virginia and Kentucky in commercial and industrial applications, to help businesses clean better and faster. Pressure washers and power washers are labor saving tools proven to save time and money, and help owners protect assets by keeping valuable equipment clean.

We’ll Help Match a pressure washer or power washer to Your Needs. We offer a full line of pressure washers from these eight different cities Raleigh, Lexington, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Clarksburg, Mansfield, and Columbus. Our pressure cleaners are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, brands and price ranges. The first choice is to decide if you want a hot water power washer or a cold water pressure washer.

To learn more about the various styles, select one of the locations nearest you.