3221 SJ Top Load Parts Washer

3221 SJ Top Load Parts Washer


With its patented spray wash technology, Cuda's SJ top load parts washer eliminates the need for drive motors. Its water-propelled spray arm and nozzles spin to clean parts from every angle.



The newest addition to the Cuda top load line-up, the SJ-15 uses a patented spray wash technology which eliminates the need for a drive motor, gears and pulleys. Using a water-propelled spray arm with 23 nozzles that spin around a stationary parts basket, parts are hit from every angle while being cleaned. The Cuda SJ-15 Series parts has a 350-lb. load capacity, and a basket dimension of 32" x 21". 90 gallon sump capacity, 3 HP pump motor delivering 37 GPM @ 30 PSI.


Technical data

Dimensions (L x W x H)51 / 48 / 49

Dimensions, packed72 / 65 / 59

Weight incl. packaging (g)1035

Working Area32 / 21

Heating output (kW)6

Connected load (A)38

Operating Pressure (PSI)45

Water Volume (GPM)50


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