2530 Front Load Parts Washer

2530 Front Load Parts Washer


Cuda's 2530 provides a compact footprint, perfect for shops that are limited on space. It is the smallest front-load aqueous parts washer series in our lineup and runs 50 GPM at 45 PSI.


The Cuda 2530 is the smallest in the front-load automatic parts washer models and is smaller than many solvent tanks. The 2530 features a turntable diameter of 25-inches, working height of 30-inches, and load capacity of 500 lbs. The 2530 Series is equipped with a 3 HP vertical seal-less pump producing 50 GPM at 45 PSI. The Cuda 2530 front load aqueous parts washer is used in many applications from automotive, trucking, amusement parks to ski areas.


Technical data

Dimensions (L x W x H)48 / 45 / 74

Dimensions, packed66 / 57 / 79

Weight incl. packaging (lbs)985

Working diameter25

Working height30

Heating output (kW)6

Tank capacity (gal)40

Connected load (A)38

Operating Pressure (PSI)45

Water Volume (GPM)50


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